Frequently Asked Questions


Go to the store page and find all of our tape services and also Howies Hockey Tape to make your own design.

Yes we do, contact us for more details or email us at

Anything! We've done anything from umbrellas, lacrosse, hockey, baseball, and even a gun magazine. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.


We accept Credit/Debit cards and also you can checkout with PayPalas they accept all credit cards, PayPal balance, and bank account.


Depending on what you order, tape takes 3-5 days to ship via USPS and the tape service takes about a week with shipping both ways. As soon as your bat gets to us we have our experts put your design on the day of or the next day and send it back to you.

Yes we do, contact us or email us at and we can set something up.

Currently, we do not offer international shipping outside the United States. If you would like to set something up please contact us or email us at for more details and information.

We give you a tracking code so you know where your bat is at all times. We also provide you with all of our contact information.

About the grips

The standard grips last about 2 seasons (may vary depending on use). As for the hydro grip, it will last longer than the bat itself!